What is Muttoniana?


Muttoniana is a term coined by eccentric nineteenth-century music critic James William Davison. In it he chronicled a music adventure among his imaginary characters. On Easter of 2013, I embarked upon a musical adventure as well! I converted to Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism and began playing music in a Catholic Church for the first time. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my learning experience, both musically and spiritually. I hope everyone enjoys their time here in Muttoniana! 


Here at Muttoniana.com my goal is to discuss the field of musicology through the lens of the Catholic faith. Because this blog is primarily written to those who do not necessarily have a musical or religious education, my musicology is instructive in nature. I wish to provide an introduction to concepts that are prerequisite for later discussion. As a result I will talk about a wide array of topics that do not have an obvious connection to musicology or religion. I may discuss general world history, geography, social concerns, or even common sense issues. All of these concepts hopefully contribute to a larger edifice of knowledge that will allow the reader to understand musicological concepts in fuller detail at a later time.

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